Door to door

We offer a full door to door moving service to any foreign destination, including personalized attention to assist in the moving process. We belong to IAM (International Association of Moving,, allowing us to have the support of an extensive global network of companies in the industry.


    Professional packing of your household items, with expert staff and high quality materials.


    If necessary, we offer storage services in Pablo Izquierdo Echeverria Warehouses, where the shipment remains in custody under the strictest security measures.


    Process for making all the necessary customs clearance documents.


    Transportation logistics; including the booking of maritime, air and land freight with established suppliers that have long experience in the field.


    Hiring full insurance coverage of their household throughout the moving process.


1. We receive your request, send an estimate and start the process once the conditions of the estimates are accepted.

2. We completely pack the house, using packing materials of highest quality, depending on the item..

3. Once packing is completed, an inventory of all items is generated. All your belongings are registered and numbered.

4. We transfer everything to the warehouses of Pablo Izquierdo Echeverria, where the shipment remains in custody under the strictest security measures.

5. We prepare the customs documents required for the shipment to leave the country.

6. We transfer to shipment the port or airport of departure, supervise the placement aboard the ship, plane or truck for international transfer.

7. At the destination, we take care of the following items:
– Clearance of the shipment from the port/airport of entry under normal conditions.
– Transfer to permanent residence.
– Unpacking of furniture, mattresses and appliances. The assembly of beds is performed . The boxes packed by the customer are left distributed at designated points without being unpacked.
– Withdraw material.

8. Return of the empty container at the port of entry, if this is the case, within days established by the Carrier (usually 5 days).



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